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Zero Waste in Colorado Springs | I tell you – this year has not been the most gracious in terms of the “ickies”. With my horrible bout of bronchitis I had late this last fall and all of Ollie’s colds, pink eye, and other issues that prevent him from going to Day Care, I’ve been negative PTO forever. So, to be able to finally step away from work – but not you guys because you all are my favorite – is literally the best thing.

Earlier this winter, my cousin called me to invite Oliver to be the ring bearer in his wedding and I couldn’t say no! It’s an absolute honor and the destination isn’t too shabby, either.

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If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile then you know that I have to plan everything. Not because I’m a control freak but because with zero waste living, preparedness is the key to success. I planned our clothing, activities (it works well for us), snacks, found zero waste stores and scouted out the best vegan restaurants (aside from sustainability reasons, I choose vegan for a health issue I deal with).

Zero Waste in Colorado Springs

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Having this information handy ahead of time takes a lot of stress off of trying to figure out the “vacation” when you are in an unfamiliar place.

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Day 1 | We woke early (we left the night before to get a head start), grabbed the complimentary hotel breakfast in our own containers, and set off West.

Zero Waste waffles at the hotel

We arrived in Colorado Springs early in the afternoon which was a little later than we anticipated. We were very fortunate to have avoided the I-70 closing due to an extreme snowstorm that roared through the area – the rest of my family who is also attending the wedding got stranded for 24 hours in Burlington Co. Definitely not the best start to a wedding weekend.

We got settled into our hotel, took a quick nap, then had dinner at The Burrowing Owl. All I have to say is their vegan food game is strong – I was honestly questioning whether or not I was eating real cheese a few times. I also love that they keep waste in mind and don’t serve any of their drinks with straws. Definitely, put this place on your list!

Day 2 | Since the family was still stranded in Burlington, we decided to visit some friends in Denver. We visited the Butterfly Palace, swooned over all of the amazing things at The Zero Market, had delicious veggie empanadas using our own cloth bags, and enjoyed a few beers.

Day 3 | Wedding Day! We had a chilly, but a beautiful sunny day for the wedding. Despite Ollie just not tolerating the whole wedding thing – I think that comes with being a ring bearer – the wedding went over beautifully. It just wouldn’t be the same if he wasn’t screaming down the aisle, right?

Day 4 | We spent our final day hiking around the Garden of the Gods. Nature is where we’d rather be. Ollie loves being outside and that makes my heart so happy. We took the puppies with us (I use plastic bags, zip lock baggies, and whatever else I find while picking up trash to clean up their poo) and took in the beauty of the wonderful rock formations, watched the rock climbers and even played “peek-a-boo” with some deer.

Day 5 |We headed back home – an 8 hour trip. How does one keep a toddler happy on an 8 hour trip you ask? Second hand DVDs (Magic School Bus, Elmo, and Diego), frequent stops to let him stretch his legs, and tons of package free snacks.

Vegan power muffins, fresh fruit, and trail mix is all you need. We didn’t have dinner planned out for the trip home so we stopped at Pita Pit and had our pita’s wrapped in just paper then composted the waste when we got home. Not perfect, but the best option we had at the time.

What zero waste traveling tips do you have? What do you struggle with? I’m here to help!!

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