An Almost Zero-Waste Life

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Wow, friends, I’m so excited to announce that my – yes, MY – zero waste book, An (Almost) Zero Waste Life – Learning How to Embrace Less to Live More, is coming out March 2020!

This has been a true labor of love over the last year that I hope many can find as a helpful tool to continue to progress in sustainable living. It would also be a pretty darned good Christmas present, wink…wink….

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In a time where our climate crisis has created so much uncertainty on what can actually be done, my book’s purpose is lay a realistic roadmap for individual action.

An Almost Zero Waste Life

Yay! A Zero Waste Book! Share it with EVERYONE!

This book contains:

  • 100s of tips to reduce waste
    • basics
    • pets
    • holidays
    • kids/babies
    • traveling
    • in the kitchen
    • shopping
    • groceries
    • food waste
    • meal plans
    • and so much more
  • 100s of tips to save money
  • Simple recipes out the ying-yang
  • and probably some terrible jokes

What’s even more exciting?

Preorders Are Available Now!

You can preorder starting now at the following locations:

Zero Waste Book


And for those of you who support me and this special project of mine….

The next 200 preorders will receive a Plantable Bookmark (These are going Fast)!

After you’ve made your purchase, fill out the form below so that I get you on my bookmark mailing list. Please, expect the bookmarks to arrive after your book is received from preorder.


This book has SO much more packed into it than what I’ve previously talked about so I sincerely hope you’ll be surprised and in love with it when you open it for the first time.

An Almost Zero Waste Life - Sneak Peak

Get your copy now!


  1. Woah, that must be so exciting for you to launch a book! Thank you for being a part of the zero waste movement. I share lots of tips of it over my blog as well. Changing people’s hearts, one at the time.

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