The Ultimate List of Zero Waste Swaps

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The Ultimate List of Zero Waste Swaps | We cannot buy our way our of our environmental crisis so when discussing zero waste swaps, it can land a bit controversial since it seems as if Zero Waste “experts” are trying to con you into buying something. And I’d agree with you.

It’s getting more and more difficult to sift through legitimate, genuine advice and an Ad.

But then again, to a degree, lowering your overall trash output is about swapping one thing, a disposable item, for something that will last a long time. Where the line is drawn, is when you pass over the need vs want internal debate.


If the swap is replacing something you need, yes, I classify it as sustainable, if not, then it might be a bad choice.

On average, we generate nearly 5 pounds of trash each and every day without giving much thought. From food packaging waste to single use disposables, we fill our bins with waste that could potentially be avoided.

My rule of thumb is that if you can replace a disposable with something you already have, then that this the absolute best option. If you need to purchase something that is reusable to replace a disposable out of necessity, replace it with something that is locally made to either your community or country.

So room by room, here my favorite items I recommend for replacing the items that you’d usually throw away.

The Ultimate List of Zero Waste Swaps

Kitchen Zero Waste Swaps

Zero Waste Kitchen

Shopping and On-The-Go

Zero Waste Grocery Shopping

Bathroom Zero Waste Swaps

Zero Waste Bathroom


Zero Waste Cleaning


Again, don’t look at this list as some bucket list reason to purchase a bunch of things. First and foremost, look around your home for things you can use as replacements to the disposables you once threw away. Using what you have is a great way to save money and prevent some items from getting sent to landfill.

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The most impactful thing any of us could do to reduce our global impact is to simply stop buying so much stuff. With self-storage facilities being one of the fastest growing markets to date, it’s very evident that we all have a consumption problem.

Stop looking for excuses to buy something. Yikes, I know that sounds terribly rude but I do it too! We all do! We first have to be resourceful.

Zero Waste Grocery Shopping

I plan on updating this post regularly with new and efficient tools to reduce waste so stay tuned!

What tools do you love for reducing waste?

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  1. Hello! I’m looking to get some new bathroom towels and bed sheets. (We’ve used our old ones for a very, very long time. And, we’ll keep using them as cleaning rags or something else of the sort.) Do you have any recommendations for organic, fair-trade towels or sheets? Thanks!

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