The Best Sustainable Planners for the New Year

Best Sustainable Planners

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The Best Sustainable Planners for the New Year | There is no better feeling than starting a brand new planner at the beginning of the year. It’s like this superhuman feeling that you are in complete control of the universe – until about 6 days in and that universe reminds you that is NOT the case.

You know how bad it was when one of your new year’s resolutions was quote-unquote “Wear sweats less often.” Hashtag WINNING.

I LOVE planners, I’m talking the analog-style, pen-to-paper planners. I’m old school and still prefer to write most things down by hand. Technology is great and all but there’s just something spiritual about writing down my goals, aspirations, appointments, and to-dos on paper.

It also might have something to do with working in IT – I just want to get as far from it as I possibly can, when I can.

I’ve been on this quest to eliminate plastic from my life for quite a while. At least as much unnecessary plastic as I can. It’s become a huge global issue. The Pacific Garbage Patch continues to grow, and our landfills are filling at record rates.

We consistently use precious resources for disposable items such as straws, bags, and wrappers. Plastic has affected our oceans, lakes, streams, parks, forests, neighborhoods, our wildlife, and even our own health. It was recently discovered that microplastics are found in fetuses.

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It’s left me speechless every time I see more evidence that we are destroying our own planet out of pure convenience and selfishness. Most of the time I feel helpless. But what I can do is be a conscious consumer and support companies who are also fighting the good fight against corporate greed and plastic nonsense.

And sometimes that means, being mindful of what planner I purchase.

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When I search for sustainable planners, I look for 3 key factors.

  1. Must be recyclable or compostable.
  2. Must be made using reclaimed materials.
  3. Must be ethically made.

The planners need to be made using recycled content. No new paper and no demand for trees to be cut down on the count of me needing to know what work tasks I have to complete for the week.

Using recycled content reduces the energy and water resources needed to make paper by 70%. Paper may be recyclable and compostable but if it’s made with virgin paper, then the impact severely increases.

The planners must also not take advantage of anyone or exploit the workers who painstakingly worked to get the planners to your door.

The Best Sustainable Planners for the New Year

I honestly tried to plan my life’s tasks via phone apps but I just cannot do it. Appointments are fine especially for keeping track of my Rover dog sitting bookings but for my work action items, I have to write that stuff down.

Those lists of tasks come at me so quickly and spontaneously that keeping them digitally would take up too much valuable time and I’d spend a great deal of time organizing the chaos.

Here I am an IT manager complaining about technology – imagine that.

Below are my top picks for eco-friendly planners. 

Wisdom Supply Co.

Wisdom Supply Co

Wisdom Supply Co. takes “Ditching Disposables” very seriously. They operate solely on the idea that office and school supplies should not take from the earth and should not be destined to the landfill.

They are one of the first companies I found that made a completely plastic-free and compostable/recyclable journal. The design is simple and the layout is expertly functional with lots of room for daily tasks and notes.

Coming from someone who wouldn’t be able to function without some way to dump my daily tasks and organize them into a productive manner of accomplishment, I approve.

The planners always ship plastic-free and are made in the USA.

Green Dreamer

Green Dreamer Planner

The Green Dreamer planner is packed full of amazing features and tidbits that would make any eco-conscious giddy.

The planner is hardback and beautifully minimalist. No plastic and is made with 100% recycled content. Along with the functionally designed pages, inspirational quotes and important eco-awareness dates are notated throughout.

The planners were designed for you to start using the planner right away and to use it in its entirety for the full year.

They are also made in California, ship plastic-free, and are made with soy-based inks.


Ponderlily Eco-Friendly Planners

The design and beauty of Ponderlily planners are unreal. They really do make you feel like planning out your days is luxurious. They are pure elegance.

Each planner is designed and made with eco-friendly materials. The pages are made with recycled content and have cloth covers.

These journals are made in Europe.

Try Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journal

I’m obsessed with the creative ideas people express with bullet journalling. I get sort of overwhelmed when I see a bunch of blank pages. However, I am really thinking that my planner next year will be a blank canvas to fill my own ideas, designs, and personalized organization that is unique to my life. I should just jump in with both feet, right?

I have been in love with the custom made journals from Scribble and Jot. Dana carefully designs and makes each journal – each one is a work of art.

I am even playing around with the idea of creating my own zero waste/productivity planner. Would you all be interested in something like that?

What sustainable journals have you found


6 thoughts on “The Best Sustainable Planners for the New Year

  1. I love this! I love buying a new planner each year (because let’s be real, I need one to keep my life organized). Love supporting sustainable companies and I haven’t heard of some of these brands – will definitely be checking them out! 🙂
    Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? Life of an Earth Muffin

  2. Personally, I’ve switched over to a digital planner which has really helped reduce my “planner” waste. I also like the one I bought because it’s reusable for multiple years which is nice as well

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