Hire Me!

Zero Waste Nerd, Megean Weldon

Spread the Sustainable Gospel!

I’m Megean Weldon, a zero waste blogger and environmental activist. I work around the clock to help you reduce your waste and change the way we all think about consumption.

I offer a variety of services to help spread the eco message! I’m here to help you! Below, is what I currently offer, but if you need something more specific please don’t hesitate to contact me directly through my contact form.


  • Blog Posts (A typical blog post is between 300-500 words.)
  • Sponsorships
  • Marketing Promotions
  • Brand Representation
  • Article Interviews
  • Workshops (DIYs, Zero Waste Living)
  • Classroom Appearances/Talks
  • Public Speaking Engagements
  • Panels
  • Coaching
  • Sustainability Consultations

Why hire me?

I provide years of sustainable and zero waste expertise with the ability to teach. I have an inclusive approach that makes waste reduction attainable to any lifestyle or budget.