5 Awesome Ways to Use Up Leftover Spaghetti

Ways to Use Leftover Spaghetti

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5 Awesome Ways to Use Up Leftover Spaghetti | Why hello there, old, sticky, tangly noodle mass. How long will you sit in my fridge before I just decide to throw you into the compost because I have no idea what to do with you? I’m pretty sure every time I make a pot of pasta, I make too much. I can never equally proportion my sauce to noodle ratio or the pasta was just too much for any one to eat at one sitting. I mean, I eat like a bird. You’d think by now with my 33 years on this planet, I’d have learned to make less. Yea, no.

If you are an avid zero waster or you have been working for some time to reduce your overall waste, you already know how difficult it is to find pasta package free so wasting any of it? No way!

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Rather than bore yourself to death by forcing down bowl after bowl of spaghetti and red sauce, how about changing things up with some alternative ways to use up that cold noodle booger sitting on the bottom shelf behind the other leftovers that haven’t been eaten, yet (We will tackle those at a later time). 

5 Awesome Ways to Use Up Leftover Spaghetti

5 ways to use up leftover spaghetti

Breathe new life into it with some olive oil, spices, and herbs.

EVOO is a miracle worker with bringing pasta back to life. Add some garlic, shallot, a little parsley or basil and BOOM – awesome pasta! If you have any other leftover veggies sitting in the fridge, add those too. Make it a leftover party!

Fry them up in oil for a crunchy topping

Chop them up a bit and fry them in oil until they are crispy. They would go perfectly on top of a salad.

Bake them into a Frittata

Seriously, who could say no to a frittata? No one, that’s who.

Add the noodles to a soup

Especially in the fall and winter, this is a great way to ensure those noodles get gobbled up. Veggie stock with, navy beans, celery, carrots, garlic, and sage then add the noodles…yes please!

Freeze them

You know me, I don’t like to over-complicate a dang thing. If I have too much pasta, I just freeze it (don’t forget to toss it with oil, first). One of those crazy busy nights where I’m scrambling to find something for my 3 year old to eat, I pull the pasta out of the freezer and place in boiling water for a few minutes until tender and heated through. And for those of you wondering how I store the pasta in the freezer without any plastic, I use these awesome bags, HERE.

Instead of throwing that pasta out next time, look at it as another meal in the making. Prevent that food waste and save money – two of my favorite things.

How do you use up leftover spaghetti noodles?


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