How to Make Cooking at Home Easier

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How to Make Cooking at Home Easier | I’d like to say that I was perfect at meal planning and always having my shiz together to cook every single meal at home but that would be a huge lie.

In fact, I find meal planning and cooking rather monotonous. I just don’t like it all. Are you all that way, too?

There are some days where I’m little Miss Suzy Homemaker. I’ll eagerly make all of the things like waffles, or cinnamon rolls for breakfast, some yummy salads for lunch, and 7 course meal with candle light for dinner.

Then there are the other days where making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is just too difficult. Ya feel me?

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Since I’ve been at home more, it’s actually gotten additionally difficult to find motivation to cook my meals at home and it’s starting to become a problem. I’ve been supporting local restaurants a lot more often recently which is great and all but it comes at a price.

  1. It costs a lot of money – money I should be saving and paying off debt.
  2. It creates a lot of waste – yes, I’ve been making way more trash than normal during the pandemic like most of us.
  3. It probably isn’t the healthiest option.

So I thought, there has to be a better, easier way. There has to be some method to make cooking at home more favorable and easier than getting takeout. Because do I really want to put on pants to drive anywhere?

How to Make Cooking at Home Easier

how to make cooking at home easier

There are many reasons that cooking can be difficult including struggling with depression, cooking for one, or being completely overwhelmed with responsibility at this time. For all of you parents that are WFH, homeschooling, being daycare, and ensuring that the house doesn’t burn down….yea I salute you all. You are the real MVPs.

To take into account all of the reasons that make cooking a dreaded task, here are my foolproof ways to make it so much easier. They have definitely worked for me.

Plan Out Meals

I know, common sense, right? Having a list of meals planned for the week takes the decision element out of the nightly routine. But here’s the thing, when does one meal plan?

I find it easier to do it when the house is silent. Like on a Saturday or Sunday morning while sipping my tea, before the loin fruit wakes up and comes storming down the stairs demanding Blippi and pancakes.

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Also, don’t make your meal plans super complicated. KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. That’s what I have to remind myself when I’m scrolling through food blogs and Pinterest. Because that in itself is overwhelming.

Vegan food blogs like Minimalist Baker or Oh She Glows are perfect for simple, delicious, and stress free meal ideas if you’re needing some inspiration.

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Keep Assembly Type Foods on Hand

Toddler cookies

Keeping foods that are easily assembled in the pantry and fridge makes eating at home WAY easy when you literally having 0 intention to cook a darn thing. I mean putting together meals in about 5 minutes or less easy.

  1. Sandwiches
  2. Salads
  3. Wraps
  4. Snack boards

I like to call them lazy meals because they require very little work but yet are still filling, yummy, and healthy.  There are a few different foods that I keep on hand to make my lazy meals.

  • Bread
  • Greens
  • Tortillas
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Clean and Cut Veggies
  • Homemade Hummus
  • Salad Dressings
  • Peanut Butter
  • Jelly
  • Nuts
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Prep As Much As You Can On the Weekends

Farmer's Market Produce

Do all of the work on one day. Eliminate as much of the work as you possible can before you need to cook during the week. Here are some of things I do:

  • Prep freezer meals
  • Assemble meals like lasagna and casseroles ahead of time so all you need to do is pop into the oven
  • Batch cook and freeze. I make waffles or pancakes in a large batch on the weekends and freeze them for later. Pop them into the toaster in the morning and BAM insta-breakfast.
  • Prep smoothies or breakfast sandwiches
  • Make rice ahead of time
  • slice and chop veggies in advance
  • Assemble side dishes ahead of time
  • Put together salads
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Saving time and energy is CRUCIAL for easy meal preparation.

Cooking Should Not Be One Person’s Job

Unless you live alone, cooking meals should be a team effort. Making it one person’s responsibility is incredibly overwhelming and tiresome and in my opinion, just not fair.

Try cooking together with your spouse or kids or rotate who’s turn it is. Make every other night your job and the opposite night’s your spouses.

What have I left out? Do you have any tips I can add (with credit) to making cooking at home easier? Let me know in the comments.

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