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Compost Sharing | First of all, this is not sponsored in any way. This post is a reflection of my true excitement for this website.

I’ve been stuck on how to make composting easier for everyone for a long time. I feel that it’s probably the most important piece of living sustainable given that most of the waste we produce is organic. There are so many of you that hit a brick wall when you want to compost due to lack of available space, lack of drop off or pick up locations, or just lack of time to invest in managing an indoor worm farm. I get it.

Yay! Compost Sharing!

This personal frustration has led me to really dig deep in problem solving to make it so that you can compost. I’ve even opened my own compost to friends and neighbors so that they have an easy place to dump their scraps. Then of course, I had an idea. There’s surely a way to “share” our waste like we share everything else online. We share our stuff, our cars, our homes, so why not our compost?

A quick Google search and BAM.

A website dedicated to helping you compost easier. If you have chickens, a compost bin, or worm farm, you can sign up to allow others to bring scraps to you or you can locate neighbors who are already composting. This site truly bridges the composting gap between access and ease.

So what are you waiting for? Start composting now!

For more info on composting, check out:

7 thoughts on “Trouble Composting? Share it with Share Waste!

  1. I got so so excited seeing this!! I looked it up though and no sites in CT or anywhere near me, I love this idea it needs to spread more!

    • Like their FB or Insta page and share/comment on posts! This helps way more than you think as more people will find out about it this way!

      • That’s such a good point I absolutely will. Only way to have people participate is to spread awareness 🙂

    • We get terribly cold winters too. What I do is put a top over my compost to keep as much weather out. The decomposition will slow down in the winter and that’s ok. Just keep adding your scraps. The trick is to keep it protected so that the bacteria that lives inside your mixture do not die. Covering your compost with a tarp will also suffice. Once spring arrives and the temperature increase, your compost will go back to doing it’s thing.

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